Why We Should Aim for More Than One Goal at Once

Could setting more goals make us more successful?

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Most of the personal goals we set will trace back to either increasing our wealth or improving our health and well-being.

It’s hardly surprising.

Health and wealth are the bedrock for most of the things we will want in life — including helping others.

But there is a sad reality with these types of goals.

To achieve our health goals we have to be careful about what we eat. There’s only so much exercise we can do to burn excess calories and most of us aren’t blessed with a metabolism that allows us to eat whatever we want.

It’s the same with money. Almost all of us will have to watch what we spend because we don’t have unlimited incomes. We have to be intentional about how we invest for our retirement, what we save and what we set aside for a rainy day.

And that’s the big issue when we set health and wealth goals. They are by nature limiting goals. In other words, to achieve these goals we usually have to limit ourselves in some way.

It’s why so many of us are prone to fail. The things we are aiming for are very noble — financial independence and a healthy body and mind. But each goal in isolation has a single point of failure and most of us just can’t keep saying no forever.

There is a way to stay on track to achieve more of the things we want, and I’ve found it’s very simple to do.

We will have a much greater chance of achieving our goals if we combine our goals with other goals. The trick I’ve discovered is to aim at more than one goal at once.

Let’s say we want to lose weight. All it takes to fail is to blow out our eating. But we can link our diet goal to another goal. Let’s say we are also saving for an overseas holiday. One way we can save is by limiting our spending on junk food, eating out and alcohol.

Our diet goal is now linked to not one, but two, positive outcomes. If we eat less bad food, not only do we aid our weight loss goal, we are one step closer to paying for our holiday.

It works the same way for our travel goal. Our holiday savings target now has the added bonus of us being in better shape to enjoy the break.

Linking our goals literally doubles our chances of success. And all without us having to exert any extra effort.

I think of it like a length of rope with each strand representing an individual goal. No single strand is left to do the work alone. The more strands we entwine, the stronger the rope becomes.

We can entwine any two, or more, goals where we find a common positive outcomes. And the good news is most health and wealth goals very naturally combine.

I know this works because I’m wanting to be fit and healthy and to save some money to take my son away next year on a father-son getaway to kick off his teenage years. If I save more, and I’m in great shape, we will be able to fit in even more crazy adventures.

I’m saying no to far more coffee, alcohol and eating out than I ever could have if I just cared about my size.

Two goals for the price of one.

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