The Fountain Entrance at Dawn

When I arrived at Hunterdon Central in the summer of 2017, I found what I’d expected to find: a community of educators, students, and families with abundant talent and passion. The challenge at Central is never in finding solutions, but in coordinating their implementation toward maximum impact. After many focus groups, surveys, working group sessions, and more, I am proud to offer a strategic plan that aims to bring our best efforts to scale.

View the entire document here, or tour through its sections on our web site.

Our projects over the next three years focus on four priorities: Wellness…

At Hunterdon Central, we have passed important milestones as we continue our comprehensive strategic planning project. Through leadership retreats, working group sessions, parent focus group, surveys, and more, we have drafted a new mission statement and declared destinations for our district’s future. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

It never ceases to amaze us. At the beginning of every summer, we blink and find ourselves on the doorstep of September. Though summer seems to be a little bit shorter every year, we are no less excited to open school. We never do grow accustomed to a quiet campus after graduation. We prefer to have the hustle and bustle of nearly 3,000 students on our campus every day.

Central in summer is nevertheless a sight to behold. Our Operations and Information Technology Departments pull it all apart, and then put it all together again. Teachers join us for training…

We don’t miss a beat. Immediately after the last graduate stepped from the stadium last Thursday, crews descended upon Stewart Memorial Field to scrape away the track surface and roll up the turf.

Thus began summer for Central.

And that’s not all. Our halls won’t be quiet. Staff are attending professional development workshops this week, and our Summer Academy and extended school year programs kick into gear in July. …

School is an inherently hopeful proposition. Educators arrive each day full of energy and optimism for their students’ futures. It is not a profession for pessimists.

That said, educators have become sadly accustomed to tragic news in recent decades. There are roughly 100,000 public schools serving nearly 51,000,000 students in the United States. A single headline in a single school sends waves across that entire sprawling landscape.​ ​

We are now in the midst of one such wave, with the nation focused on the issue of school safety. New Jersey requires schools to hold two security drills each month. These…

Strategic planning is the process by which an organization declares its identity, claims its future, and charts its journey toward realizing that future. This sounds simple, as if a few surveys, a folder full of Google docs, and a weekend retreat will get you there.

But comprehensive strategic planning is difficult and complicated work.
Our master timeline (Figure 1) divides the process into three distinct phases, each matching one of the purposes of the process. This month, we’re engaged in activities in the first phase, to answer foundational questions toward the crafting of a new mission statement.

Some (Re)Thinking about Personalized Learning

When the notion of “personalized learning” first appeared about fifty years ago, folks imagined “teaching machines” sitting on top of every desk. Proponents believed that these “Skinner boxes” would offer individualized pacing, allowing all students to master content. Interestingly, the idea of machines replacing teachers was already decades old, if not older.

I think of three things when I read this snapshot of mid–1960’s educational reform:

  1. The innovation of “personalized learning” merged with older ideas like the “teaching machine” in much the same way that particles of dust find their way to forming little gray tumbleweeds under furniture.
  2. B. F…

First Impressions

On April 17, the Hunterdon Central Board of Education appointed me to serve as Superintendent. My official start is in early July.

Since my appointment, I have spent many hours in the school and the community. I remain awed by the talent and passion that thrive in every corner, from every person. I recognize them in meetings with staff and administrators, while answering questions from parents, in classroom presentations and explorations, on stage at Devil’s Cabaret and in the Commons on Family Science Night, in conversations with members of the Board of Education–everywhere.

Folks behave as if this is nothing…

Jeff Moore

Proud to be the Superintendent of the Hunterdon Central Regional High School District. Thoughts shared here are my own.

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