Ignoring the Ad Hominem…Where do see her forcing other kids to do so?
Vije Vijendranath

Vije, the surge in the number of male commercial chefs was not bolstered by a campaign that read: “Get more men interested in cooking now!” It came naturally. No one cried about a disparity in the number of male to female chefs. It happened because of a gradual rise in interest by men in the culinary field. Hence today almost all the top chefs in the world are male. If such a campaign did exist it would have been seen as sexist. Why, then, is such a campaign on the female side with, say, coding, not seen as sexist? That is the crux of my argument.

If you read my previous messages with the woman it’s clear she has an agenda to inculcate girls with that inane “girls can code as well as boys” mantra which if the genders were reversed would again have been slammed as sexist. If that is not one step away from outright force I wonder what is. Please inform me as to how the decline in the number of women in the tech field could possibly be blamed on men or are you just another pantywaist who feels it necessary without reason to hold men culpable for all the troubles women endure?

Sexual harassment in construction? Don’t make me laugh. There’s one glaring and irrefutable cause for the underrepresentation of females in construction: it often requires immense physical labor which most women cannot endure in the long run. If 3rd wave feminists, many of whom psychopathically claim women are better or just as good as men at everything, really want to uphold such a claim then they must address the issue of gender disparity in physical jobs like carpentry and construction. Failing that, they need to shut the hell up.

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