MySafetyNetworks — Revolutionary Personal Safety App Now Available On The App Store

After months of development, Bickster Studios has released MySafetyNetworks — the personal safety app that keeps you connected and keeps you safe. Currently, MySafetyNetworks is only available on Apple’s App Store, but an Android version is in development.

What Does It Do?

MySafetyNetworks is an iPhone app that keeps you in close contact with your loved ones during an emergency. When you’re in danger, your first reaction should be to call the police. But what about your husband, wife, roomate, or parent? In a traditional emergency situation, they are often the last ones to know you’re in trouble.

This app changes all that. At the press of a button, MySafetyNetworks will dial 9–1–1. That’s useful, but not particularly revolutionary. What makes the app truly powerful is the processes that run in the background while you’re on the phone with emergency services:

1. GPS: MySafetyNetworks displays your precise GPS coordinates onscreen while you’re on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. Surprisingly, emergency services does not have the ability to locate a cellphone in many jurisdictions. In other cases, it can take from 5–10 minutes — far too long in an emergency. Having your GPS data on hand is one of the most important features of MySafetyNetworks, and can make a world of difference in an emergency.

2. Text: MySafetyNetworks sends a text to your designated emergency contacts, with a clickable link to your location. The text includes a customizable message, which you can set with the specifics of your night before you go out, or leave in the default state. Clicking the GPS link opens your location in Apple Maps, so your loved ones will know exactly where you are when you sent the alert.

3. Tweet: The app will post your SOS message and clickable GPS location to social media apps (this feature is optional — it only posts to social media if you connect your accounts). If you’re truly in danger, the more people that know, the safer you are.

4. Email: In today’s connected society, we think it’s important to reach people through all possible communication channels. MySafetyNetworks sends your GPS location and SOS message through email to your designated emergency contacts.

5. Group Text: MySafetyNetworks opens a group chat with your emergency contacts, so you can let them know what’s happening and they can coordinate a response to your emergency.

How Do I Use It?

MySafetyNetworks is simple to use. The home screen displays our logo, which functions as a button. You hold your thumb on the button when you’re safe, and when you release your thumb, you’ll be asked to input your PIN. If you enter your PIN, MySafetyNetworks disarms. If you don’t enter your PIN in 10 seconds, MySafetyNetworks activates the alarm, calling 911 and sending text, email, and social media posts.

Safety Apps Are Changing Personal Safety

What Are People Saying?

So far the app has received nothing but positive feedback.

“This app is great. What a great idea to use your phone as a panic button that notifies all my close friends and family by text, email, and twitter while calling 911. I like how I can disable 911 and just alert my family and friends. I’m not sure why no one else has thought of this!”
“This app has helped me with my anxiety walking to my car from the office, walking to my car from the gym, and other places where I don’t feel safe to be alone. I live alone but this app makes me feel like I always have a friend or family member right next to me. Thanks.”

MySafetyNetworks is the future of personal safety. Subscriptions are only $.99/month to celebrate the app’s release — and the first two weeks are free! MySafetyNetworks is available to the first round of users at only $.99/month — and the first month is free.

MySafetyNetworks also makes a great gift for friends and family, empowering them to be safety conscious whenever they have their iPhone — which, if they’re anything like my family, is all the time!