I don’t consider myself to be much of a SEO expert. I can’t tell you much about semantic search or structured data. But I did help my company increase its organic traffic from under 500 pageviews to over 7,000 pageviews per day (with some help from these folks).

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SaaS or service, every startup wants the same thing:

More clients, more customers.

But while there is more information than you can ever read on getting clients, one that often escapes mention is the opportunity timeline.

The opportunity timeline is that little window of time when your leads are most likely to listen to your proposals.

This can be due to any number of reasons — maybe they’re evaluating their vendor relationships, maybe there is a new guy at the helm, or maybe a new industry development is forcing them to change.

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The stories are shared in whispers and hushed tones across the startup world:

That once-promising startup that frittered it all away. That high-growth company that imploded. The genius entrepreneur who could never recover from a scandal.

Dig through them and you’ll find that the culprit is often the same: culture.

Culture is a strange word in the startup lexicon. It is simultaneously celebrated and ignored. Founders talk about it in their pitch decks and interviews. It’s a core part of every careers page and press release. No post-exit analysis is complete without a mention of the company’s culture.

Yet far…

In all my years of working in and with agencies, there is one complaint that I always hear:

We can’t hire good enough people.

In an industry where you’re essentially trading expertise (and time) for money, you’d think that the agency world would be as focused on hiring as big consultancies and tech companies.

But that is rarely true. In fact, I’m always surprised at the haphazard, duct-taped way in which agencies approach hiring.

If you’re running or working in an agency, hiring should be one of your top priorities. …

Jeff Sullivan

Marketing @ Workamajig. Deeply interested in team building, collaboration, startups, and leadership

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