A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media
Alexey Kovalev

The issues you speak of, real as they maybe, are not unique to the US news industry under a Trump Presidency. The news media lost credibility with the US ( & foreign) public long ago and in many ways were worse under the Obama administration where the press help facilitate the politicization of most all departments in our government. Trumps disdain for them is warranted for they long ago stopped representing all the people all the time and doing their job objectively. They were an important part of our democracy but sacrificed objectivity for “clicks” and “profits” and their own political agendas. I cant speak to the issues in Russia vis vi Putin, but I can say that Trump has had nothing to do with the position the press (and our democracy) currently finds itself in. The jury remains out on Trump, ut the verdict was in on the US press a while ago.