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Dear, sweet Violet, the BBC, NHK, Al-Jazeera, and most other major international news orgs were giving better/more in-depth coverage than the Seattle P-I (which I read regularly after living in the area for years). Anybody, anywhere, who cares about US politics and/or security goings-on was hip deep in the story for weeks, No doubt that plays well to Mr Bundy’s ego and that of his fellow spirits, but shit happens.

A Japanese professional friend of mine who’s been “nuts” (his word) about the US since he was a kid (we’re both mid-/late-50s) wrote at the time that

I don’t see how the US can stop going downhill, faster. We have our own problems, and a lot of our problems are part of our cultural identity, too, but… I grew up wishing I was an American and now, having had a chance to move there and eventually be one, find I’m repelled by the idea as this no longer is the America I grew up wishing for.

It no longer is the America I grew up in, and I’ve come to accept that I’m highly unlikely to ever return in my lifetime. My ex-wife, as a child, moved back to China as a young girl with her parents, just in time for the Cultural Revolution to send her to the countryside where absolutely horrible things were done to her; I have no desire to experience even a pale imitation of that. I don’t think Americans have any idea where the bottom is yet.

They will.

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