I don’t see how any new ES6 features can possibly justify the addition of a transpilation step in a…
Matthew Harrison

Have you tried ES6, or are you just browsing doc?

I ridiculed generators until I’d used them a couple of times. No more callback spaghetti is one of the more immediately visible bennies. Hey, you knew you could write readable code! Scope improvements, and the differentiation between var, let, and const will save you hours of debugging for the low, low cost of setting up a reusable build step once. Arrow functions are another wtf-is-this doodad? until you’ve used them a few times and noticed how much less your code gets confused about this and how rarely you use that anymore. We could go on, but my second cup of coffee is sitting unopened and the rubble has been bounced down to aggie size; you can take it from here. 😃