Not all insurrectionists are conservative.
Trump’s victory and the rise of insurrectionism in America
Ethan Zuckerman

Insurrectionism can’t be conservative.

It is radicalism with the express intent of not conserving the institutions and traditions in place. One of the grievous faults that led us to where we are is that the Reagan-era and later anti-government, anti-progressive radicals were allowed to call themselves “conservative” and not have bullshit called on them every single time by every single person they spouted their bilge to. Had we as citizens of societies done that, aggressively and consistently, the “trolls” might have “crawled back under their rocks”, as several recent writers have expressed a wistful hope for. In the current reality, they have absolutely no incentive whatever to do so.

That is how civilisations fall; they are hollowed out from within. With the economic rapists on top, the Know-Nothings indoctrinated and organised by the institutions subverted by a newly pathological Randism on the bottom, and progressives either looking down their noses or working hard at solving the wrong problems (root causes matter, people), there really wasn’t much hope. The American dinosaur was shut with a high-powered RPG between the eyes back in 1973–1974, and managed to lumber on another 42 years or so before falling over.

If we don’t figure things out right quick, get plans together that all the currently-warring American factions can agree on, and make things happen, then the world is going to be a very scary, likely terminally unhealthy place for the foreseeable. Even if all those in the formerly liberal democracies get our shit together — something no self-respecting bookie would lay odds on—we’ll still have to worry about short-term, empire-building opportunists jerking the rug out from under the species.

Several of us are old enough to remember when the future was a hopeful place. It’s getting really, really hard to remember what that felt like.

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