“Governments are local. Democracy is global”

Moral and pragmatic imperatives apply.

That realisation is the existential threat to, inter alia, PAP Pte Ltd, primarily doing business as the Republic of Singapore. When governments are run as though they were businesses, bad things happen that have the potential to affect people outside their borders. Therefore, there are pragmatic* and moral** imperatives for people globally to act locally, in localities not necessarily their own.

I seem to observe that the states which most severely constrain foreign observation, let alone limited participation, in their “democracy” are the ones least functionally democratic. When people are afraid to vote for an Opposition that is constantly harangued, belittled and slandered in Party-controlled State media, that is to democracy as the caricature of Donald Trump is to an ethical businessman.

Humanity can do better, and each of us is obligated to make that happen.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for those of good character to stand by and do nothing. (paraphrasing Edmund Burke)

— —

  • That word is loved by certain powerful people, as it can easily be twisted into “self-centred, inattentive to the plight of others, particularly those outside your politically-defined tribe”.

** That word is hated by certain powerful people, as it implies that there are influences on a person’s life that the potentates cannot suborn or control.

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