Why You Can’t Understand What Black Americans Are Going Through
Clay Rivers

Mr Rivers, this was extremely well-written, powerful truth.

As a practical matter, should one encounter white folks who have convinced themselves that they’re trying but they still can’t make that basic leap of humanity…let them live for a year or five as a local in a place where white folk aren’t automatically at the top of the heap. The Democratic People’s Republic of Singapore, under its present corporate management, fits that bill nicely. If one is rich enough to be well-Connected, then it doesn’t matter what colour your skin is. Live out in the extravagantly-expensive concrete blocks without such financial resource, however, and you will quickly run up against carefully-stoked, officially-endoresed tribalism that would feel all too familiar to Americans of colour.

After the temporary exiles return home after a few years, if they still haven’t seen the light, then they should be carefully checked for a pulse that is not likely to be discernible.

Again, thank you.

EDIT: 23 Aug: Tpyo.

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