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No, it’s not over.

He’ll lose the election in a walk. The only remaining questions are whether he’ll dog-whistle his base into a Cliven Bundy-esque insurrectionist fervour, and how much long-term damage has really been done.

The man is a repugnant figurehead; he’s an opportunist, but he’s by no means the root cause of the problem. What’s going to happen in 2020 or 2024, if we make it that far, when a slicker, more polished fascist runs for President?

Clinton can’t afford to stay buttoned-up inside massive security forever, or her 2020 challenger will be able to harp on her being “out of touch with” and “afraid to connect with ordinary people”; on the other hand, there are more than enough individuals with questionable contact with reality and unquestionable contact with guns that security is going to be a nightmare for her protection team.

We’re nowhere near out of the woods yet.

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