Yeah. Hillary is very decent and moral.
William Munny

No, that’s not what they’re saying at all.

Go back and read the Beck quote. They’re not expecting Hillary to be conservative or even necessarily moral. They’re saying that the preponderance of the evidence available strongly suggests that Trump not only does not share their values as the party he supposedly represents claims to, Whether Trump may or may not appoint conservative judges it outweighed, in their minds, by his lack of morality, humility, or anything recognisable as good character. Voting is important if you believe that your country, and the means by which it is governed, are divinely inspired. But voting for a man who does not share your values, and is unlikely to enact policies you can support (or any coherent policies whatever) is immoral; doing so states that tactical political gain is more important than principle, than acting consistently with your own beliefs.

I’m not Mormon, nor even Christian anymore, but my respect for the LDS Church as an institution, and its members who act on their beliefs, just went up dramatically. All Americans, all people of good will, are in their debt.

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