Thank you for sharing that ray of sunshine, hope, and appreciation for all the coders who volunteer…
Eric Elliott

Nothing is ever free.

That’s part of my point, as someone who has used and contributed to open source for well over 20 years now. That post may have been mildly hyperbolic, but managing the moving parts well enough to get our own parts moving on anything approaching a schedule is becoming a Herculean, fatiguing task. When a third of a developer’s accounted-for time is tied up in configuration management and dependency tracking, and that ceases to be unusual, we have a problem. When that state of affairs is treated as normal, even celebrated, the craft has a toxic, nearly existential crisis.

JavaScript reminds me of the old saw comparing Windows and the Mac:

The Windows usee went to a meeting and talked about everything he had to do to get his work done. The Mac user showed all the great work she got done.

We need to return to the idea that software is a tool, rather than a fetish.