What Third Way?
Clifton Middleton

People should read what’s written, not what they think is written.

I didn’t say that Universal Birthright was fascist; the closest I came to saying anything about it at all is that it is redistributionist, which is clearly the intent.

My post was responding to the incomplete dichotomy you drew between “Communism/Socialism and Capitalism”, when the systems we apply these labels to would be unrecognisable as such to their originators.

The real fascists — the neoliberals and neoconservatives running the world at present—have shown themselves quite competent at taking any redistributionist strategy, almost certainly including UB, and painting it as “communism”. The world is embroiled in the effects of a half-century of conflict between those labelling themselves as “capitalist” and those labelling themselves as “communist” (until they started labelling themselves as “post-communist”); attaching any such labels to UB will automatically get it dismissed out of hand by a few billion of the people it could have helped.

We’re not going to be able to control our own destinies, individually or collectively, until we can introduce some basic honesty into the political system that governs us. Arguing for redistribution, whatever the merits of such an argument, does nothing to reduce the absolute power and self-reinforcing control of language that the current rulers have. Fixing the existing system, in place, is prerequisite to evolving to a new one. That was the point of my response.

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