Waking Up to Trump’s America
Gregory Lusted

Can America Afford Getting This Wrong?

You’re not a die-hard Trump supporter, but you’re thinking of voting for him. You know Hillary doesn’t “deserve” to be President. She’s played the “first woman” card for all it’s worth, knowing there are hard-working women in politics who are more courageous than she is, more empathetic than she is, more passionate about service to others than she is, more ethical than she can understand. You dismissed the Republican-led attacks on her as Secretary of State as just “obstructionist politics”, but the email leaks and the brazenness with which the primaries were rigged appalled you. If she has this kind of an ethos and this kind of an attitude when it’s just intra-party politics, you wonder, what the hell is she going to do once she actually gets into the top job?

You’re thinking Trump can’t be as bad as the media and the Democrats make him out to be. Maybe you’ve read my earlier writing where I said about Trump supporters in what was once the middle class

They’ve finally given up on the status quo ever doing anything that stops the pain, or even starts walking it down.

and that, if that was true, it’s not much of a leap to get to

If the system is so corrupt that ordinary people can’t get a break; if the system is so badly broken that it’s turned millions of educated, hard-working middle class people into the working poor and turned the working poor into the greatest army of homeless that the nation has ever seen, then burn down the bloody system. By any and all means available and necessary.

Look at what the Republicans are saying, and how genuinely afraid many of them are that a Trump presidency would do to their party and to the country is to make “burning down” inevitable. Memo to Reince Priebus: the Republican Party as it has historically been, and as a national party capable of governing has been burnt down by letting Trump get this far. The Party has been talking for years about knowing it needs to engage with minority voters and women. That’s been nuked from orbit courtesy of the Trump nominination. Your party’s toast going forward; the best thing you can do is to help contain the damage to the country at large. And I have no idea how you can accomplish that, or even significantly contribute to accomplishing that, now. The Republican Party is henceforth no longer the Party of Lincoln, but the Party of Trump. It’s toast; the only remaining question is, is the country and world as a whole?

That’s what the casual potential Trump voter needs to consider. Hillary turns my stomach. But I have no doubt that the US can survive a second Clinton Presidency, even with two or three Supreme Court justices, and be in little if any worse shape than it already is. Her handlers might even surprise us and leave the country in better shape. But Trump doesn’t appear to have handlers, not American ones, anyway. His supporters spin that as a strength; “nobody tells him what to do”. That cuts both ways; nobody can tell him anything he doesn’t want to hear, nobody can tell him he’s wrong and make him listen to and reflect on why. That would be a pretty scary thing for a candidate for the most powerful job in the world even if that person were a model of emotional and ethical stability. Can you really stand there with a straight face and tell me that you’re willing to bet your future on Donald J Trump being that sort of a person?

Actions have consequences. Think carefully before you vote, or before you decide not to.

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