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“Screwed” would be a major improvement.

Screwed would imply that the damage can somehow be localised; that this is a uniquely American problem and that those outside her borders need not fret. If only.

What we are seeing may well be an extinction-level event in the history of human civilisation; a hypersonic passenger-train collision in the midnight quiet of a residential neighbourhood — only the “neighbourhood” happens to be the entire planet.

I have been told by multiple sources more interested in betting than politics that bookmakers here are giving even-money odds that Herr Drumpf will be the last President of a “United States” in its current form. I think those betting that that will not be the case are being short-changed, but they’re buying into the odds defined by the professionals. It’s too bad that DJT is qualified in a profession different than that in which he is employed, but that’s the historic state of figureheads.

Don’t fixate on DJT; pay rapt attention to the machinations of those who, behind his ample cover, are hastening the newest American Reich.

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