To be completely clear, you’re talking about CNN America here.
Sam Ursu

Thank you for pointing that out. CNNi is the second-best television news source available in Singapore, and would very likely beat the BBC were it not so frequently, egregiously, and arrogantly pre-empted by CNN Atlanta.

If I want to watch a third-rate, late-night-UHF-quality news operation (which anyone who remembers the first ten years of CNN would think a harsh but accurate description of the current brand incumbent), there’s no doubt thousands of such sources on YouTube and its imitators. The parochialism, ostentatiously-unadmitted biases, and pedantry exhibited by Atlanta’s domestic operation are as jarring in comparison to their international colleagues as a circus barker at Lincoln Center.

When CNNi switches to Atlanta, I switch channels, and later read/watch a variety of news sources online. (Or just switch to BBC News, especially if they happen to be running news rather than a documentary.)

I can’t believe that anyone takes Erin Burnett seriously, including Ms Burnett. Wolf Blitzer is an effective presenter and no doubt a more-than-competent orator, but it’s very hard to take him seriously as a journalist rather than as a propagandist. Brian Stelter is smart as a whip and has good chemistry with several of the CNNi anchors and presenters, but one gets the feeling that he just grits his teeth and tries to just get through without bodily harm to anyone on the few times I’ve seen him on an Atlanta “special coverage” segment.

Ted Turner, won’t you please come home?

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