I have a very hard time believing that hours ~50–130 are as productive as 1-~40 or 50.
Lisa Bari

That’s my litmus test of a wantrapreneur. An entrepreneur does everything possible to minimise risk and maximise effectiveness of her team. A wantrapreneur blows smoke up stakeholders’ tailpipes and likes to be the boss who never gets his hands dirty. The former is laser-focused on the customer. The latter networks with other wantrapreneurs and brags about how quick he’ll “flip” the company. The first has a good chance of success. The second surrounds himself with people who won’t tell him he’s already failed, even if they can see it.

Silicon Valley’s success was built by entrepreneurs. Sili Valley’s mythology is told by, to, and about wantrapreneurs. ¡Sal si puedes!