Impeachment you say? Meet Mike Pence.
Alfonso KC

The Agnew Protocol exists for a damn good reason.

And Mike Pence just rubs everyone’s face in it. Which would you rather have, America: a petulant, corrupt, childish narcissist Commander-in-Tweet or a very consistent, principled, determined Commander-in-Chief of the Dark Arts?

Now, if Pence could be sidelined and Trump convinced to nominate Tillerson, Mattis, or one of the less ideological Republican Senators as the new VP, then the world would have dodged a bigly bullet; Mueller could file his report dooming Hair Führer, freed of the undoubtedly wracking ethical dilemma of taking the country out of the hands of an incompetent demagogue, only to empower a highly competent, diligent leader of Y’all Qaeda and the American Tally Band.

You’d get better Vegas odds on a dozen consecutive royal straight flushes at the poker tables, and rightly so. G-d help us all, because we’re clearly ideologically incapable of helping ourselves.