that top 2% or even 10%
On election night I called 3 people and texted one other.
Joe V.

The Outer Party in a functionally fascist State.

The Inner Party is the 1% of the 1%: the gatekeepers; the ones who put their self-preservation and -enrichment above all other national priorities.

The Outer Party is the 2%, or in small societies, even 10% — allowed to exist with a relatively high status by the Inner Party, these are the people most energetically, visibly committed to the System, to the “iron rice bowl”. They defend the Inner Party, and their own privilege, against any real or imagined potential threat, by all means available. Overkill and collateral damage help get the message across.

That message is directed at the proles; the ordinary people barely scraping by. Up in their scalps in debt; labouring under the promise, rarely fulfilled, that their children will somehow have it better if they but conform more closely to the pragmatic wishes of the all-powerful Dynast descended from a propagandised God-King who was perfect in all ways that matter, and therefore the anointed amongst His progeny must be as well.

The proles have the raw, untapped power, that the national wealth is invested in ensuring they never effectively wield. For if they did, there would be no Inner Party, or at least a different one. And the incumbents will destroy the country, and fly off to enjoy the Swiss standard of living they have long promised the proles, rather than see that change happen.

The proles must wake from their expensive slumber.

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