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The “Rev. Fred Denial”, with whom I didn’t recall having had discussion before now, but given both salvos he’s fired our/my way, I can once again understand the appeal of the feature you mention.

As you’re aware, I’ve always been open to discussing issues with people when we both know we have opposing viewpoints, so long as those exchanges occur within a modicum of civility and attentiveness to objective reality. Just as an “appetiser”:

There is a demographic that is being ignored. There are BILLIONS of car owner/drivers who would be as interested in self driving cars as they would in buying a robot to screw their wives or girlfriends.
They own and drive the cars because they derive pleasure from both. There is NO WAY I could be persuaded to give up my sports or classic cars for a self drive toy. I am not alone, and until these slow thinking “researchers” get that into their calculations, their calculations are not worth doggy poo.

He writes very much like I did, thirty years or so ago before I gained any appreciation for either how a life that had been on a spectacular upswing could go down even more spectacularly, and for the fact that a wise man can be defined as one who knows he doesn’t have all the answers, but tries to ask the questions that matter anyway.

I’m not ready to block him, but I’m not sure it’s currently worth the anguish or mental effort to come up with a further response that is sufficiently patient in tone that he might pay attention, while being sufficiently brief that it won’t ruin what’s left of my day writing it.

It takes all kinds to make a scrambled-egg symphony.