destroy Trump and put Trump and his whole family in prison
As Racist Trump Pardons Racist Sheriff, Racist Gorka Ejected From White House.
Steven Rouach

There is a basis for hope. BUT…

images of frying pans and fires come to mind. Who would then be #46? Mike Pence? Congratulations; you’ve just replaced a corrupt, incompetent narcissist with a competent, principled Christianist (as opposed to a Christian; historically known as a Dominionist). Wave bye-bye to the separation of church and state. And for those who think that’s a Good Thing, because your fellow-travellers look to be on top at the moment? That can change, too; they have these pesky things called elections, which apparently just anyone can win (hence the current difficulties).

“Right,” you say, “let’s exercise the Agnew Protocol and get Pence out before we nuke Trump from orbit”. Nice try, but how well do you think Paul Ryan and Orrin Hatch will heal the country, given their consistent enabling of Trump?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is next in the line of succession. While he stands as a beacon of sanity and sense in relative terms, the gyrations needed to make him #45 would cause almost Trumpian damage to the country in and of themselves.

If only the Pottery Barn rule applied to politics. Then again, one could argue that the root problem is certain wealthy influencers acting as though they had bought the Republic, or at least its Government. At the risk of originality, #sad!