Hiring the people who are easiest to find will almost always mean hiring people like you. In terms of race, for example, white people’s social networks are on average 91 percent white, according to a PRRI study, and 75 percent of white people only know white people.
Welcome to Diversity Debt: The Crisis That Could Sink Uber
susan wu

True of the dominant ethnicity anywhere.

I’ve been saying for years that the best inoculation against American-style white superiority is to arrange for the individual to be transferred here to Singapore, or essentially anywhere else in Greater China. Living and working as a local, without a fancy expat package that lets you rent a simulation of dignity, you’ll quickly find yourself lowered to third- if not fourth-class personhood based entirely on your non-majoritarian ethnicity. This means, among other things, that you’ll have to work five times as hard to get taken a fifth as seriously, and a large segment of the native population is so imbued with racialist official propaganda that they honestly don’t know how to treat you as an equal.

When you go back home after a few years of this, I guarantee that you’ll be a lot less tolerant of racial intolerance, because you’ll have direct personal experience with being on the receiving end of it while being unable to do anything about it. At least historically, the US admitted there was a problem and really seemed to be trying harder to address the problem than to celebrate it.

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