why should silicon valley be “meaningfully invested” in anything other than tech?
Gordie Parham

Um…maybe because Sili Valley is made up of individuals who at least have the outward appearance of human beings, and thus presumably have rights and obligations and feelings and morals and all the other things that go along with being human?

I was in Sili Valley for a very long time before I got out. One of the places that I’ve also spent a long time in is as profoundly racist as Sili Valley (and most of what used to be America nowadays); it’s even down to identity cards and Government policy based on race. Non-rich, non-Connected white folk in that society aren’t at the top of the heap; most days, it feels more like the bottom. Let’s just say that anybody wondering why “Black Lives Matter” should consider living for a year or two in the “Democratic People’s” Republic of Singapore as a local, not in the tourist/expat bubble, but where you bear the full impact of Government policy and cultural direction. You’ll be in for a rude awakening that will never let you look at your smug life of privilege in Sili Valley the same way ever again.

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