All that and yet you will still continue to buy Apple products.
Nick Coad

Who’s the monopoly now?

If you’re in Web development or media production, you’re almost certainly on a Mac. Windows is better than it’s been since Windows NT 3.51, more than 20 years ago, but it still has decades of backward compatibility with a craptastic developer and user experience that’s hard to undo. And the high-end, professional media apps are in a chicken-and-egg problem; their developers can’t justify targeting Linux without customer demand, and customer demand won’t be high enough without the products existing. (I ran a business for 10+ years taking SMEs from Windows to Linux; I’m not being “reflexively anti-Linux” here.)

Twenty or thirty years ago Mac was what the rebels, who cared about quality and UX more than branding or corporate standards, used. This formerly evangelical customer, developer, and shareholder triggers on the fact that Mac is now what people are looking in vain for alternatives to.

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