Click here to sign a petition that asks for a statue of Heather Heyer to replace Lee’s statue in Charlottesville, VA.
Heather Heyer
Renata Camara

Why just the city?

Have a GoFundMe or whatever that people can give to; the first X hundred thousand dollars for the statue, with any extra donated to civil-rights groups like the SPLC. The city’s already paid enough and didn’t ask for this to go down. All they wanted to do was to pull the Lee statue out of Emancipation Park. I seem to recall that that decision was a reaction to Dylan Roof; all the numbnuts yelling “muh heritage” just need to ask themselves what exactly they stand for. My family’s from Arkansas and Missouri originally; my grandparents risked everything to drive a rust bucket to California to give their kids a better life.

We must secure the existence of all humanity and a future for all children. The new, improved Fourteen Words.

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