Swiping For Love in All The Wrong Places

Fascinating, trying to solve matters of the heart with technology and algorithms. While “match %” and common interests are helpful, what facilitates real human connection is vulnerability and authenticity. From my experience, dating and swiping apps perpetuate the idea of creating a good impression, standing out, branding yourself, being more attractive, being funny, looking cool, etc. Much of those is at the expense of your true self.

Will these new apps solve any of these common issues such as men being ignored, women being overwhelmed/harassed? Will they consider how many men are resorting to manipulation or PUA strategies to stand out? Or the idea of Hypergamy or trying to “level up” by getting a hotter, more attractive, partner? Thus perpetuating the slot machine effect?

What if these new apps actually encouraged real, authentic connection? There was that list of questions “to fall in love” — which works by encouraging real sharing.

What if dating apps left you feeling good about yourself instead of worse?