I’m not quite sure I follow.
Mirah Curzer

“ Are you saying that you can’t treat men and women equally, because men are threats to you while women are not?”

That’s not what I’m trying to imply. Of course there are women who could kick my ass, and the asses of stronger men than me; the world is a big place. What I mean is, currently women are socially off limits in terms of violence (though unfortunately violence against women is commonplace anyway), so I’m not going to punch a woman in a bar for being an asshole/talking shit, but I might punch a dude doing the same. If men are to treat women “the same” as they treat other men, they will still treat them shitty. It’s not that the threat of violence is needed for men to respect people, rather that the appropriate masculine response to disrespect is violence. That’s what has to change.

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