How to create an acronym & jargon decoder for your Slack team

Step 1: Create an account on Wonderus

Only you will need an account and your entire team will be able to benefit from Wonderus”

Step 2: Create Your Team

Step 3: Define your first few words

Don’t forget to add any acronyms or shorthand underneath the knowledge card title!

Step 4: Connect Wonderus to Slack

NOTE: Some Slack teams have different permissions around who can install Sack apps — you may have to reach out to your Slack admins for help installing Wonderus.
What it looks like when you use the /wonder command to search for a Knowledge Card!

Step 5: Introduce Wonderus to your Slack team

Hey @channel! 👋 I just set up Wonderus, an acronym and jargon decoder that will help us better use our team knowledge on Slack. If you encounter an unfamiliar term or acronym, you can search for it in Wonderus by using the /wonder command. I hope this helps everyone stay in the know with our team’s unique language! 🎉

An example of when you might want to remind your team about Wonderus.

Bonus Step: Invite your team collaborators to Wonderus

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Product manager @Tidelift | Working remote from PHL (with ❤ in NYC, SF, & A2)

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Jeff Stern

Jeff Stern

Product manager @Tidelift | Working remote from PHL (with ❤ in NYC, SF, & A2)

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