You Can Do Magic

If you are a writer, you are also a magician.

Magic is the use of mysterious or supernatural power to impact the world around you. Many of our favorite stories have magic, from young wizards with wands to superheroes with capes. We love the thought of being able to disappear or fly or vanquish our enemies with a wave of our hand. Too bad magic isn’t real.

Or is it?

“Of course it is happening inside your head … but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” Albus Dumbledore

It’s magic when an author can sneak inside your head and tell you spellbinding stories that grab your attention for hours.

It’s magic when you, as a writer, can wield that power over others with your own stories.

It’s magic when you create worlds and characters and objects that no one has ever seen before.

It’s magic when you’re writing a story and a character surprises you, changing the story in ways you never expected.

It’s magic when you breathe life to a character that lives on in the world far beyond your imagination. (Are not Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins as much a part of your world as some of your “real” friends?)

It’s magic when you finish reading a book and can’t believe it’s over.

It’s magic when you read a story and can literally feel what the characters are feeling.

It’s magic when you can disrupt an entire universe with a few taps on your keyboard.

It’s magic when you discover an idea you’ve never considered before, and how it changes you almost instantly.

It’s magic when you see a child reading your book, with intensity.

It’s magic when a child tells you your book is her favorite.

It’s magic when you’ve been stuck on a plot point for weeks — months! — and suddenly you have a breakthrough and everything makes sense and you can finally sleep again.

It’s magic when the words flow faster than you can type them, and you get nervous because you’re afraid you might forget something before you can get the words out of your head.

It’s magic when your character transforms into a better person, and somehow it seems to change you, too.

It’s magic when you finally think of the perfect title for your book and then discover that no one’s ever thought of it before. It’s yours!

It’s magic when you finish a book and realize you actually did it.

It’s magic when a reader sees a theme in your book you hadn’t intended, but it makes perfect sense.

It’s magic when an unredeemable character is redeemed. It gives you real hope in real life.

Writing is magic. Reading is magic. And even if it isn’t, it’s about as close as we’ll ever get.

So take your pen. It’s your wand. You can do magic.