Using Snapchat for App Issue Reporting at SafeBoda

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I recently joined SafeBoda as Head of Product. SafeBoda is an Ugandan tech startup that’s trying to make motorcycle taxis (bodas) more safe, convenient, and affordable.

My first priority has been to get our MVP mobile app experience working seamlessly. Our MVP is pretty similar to Uber: you use the mobile app to request and pay for rides. But there are also a lot of unique design and technical issues, given our focus on safety and the boda market.

My wife and I are so committed to making SafeBoda’s experience great that we’ve opted to not purchase a car, and instead use the product to take bodas everywhere we go. In running these daily “tests,” I’ve noticed a lot of bugs and experience issues, so I developed a very quick and dirty way to report discoveries using Snapchat. Here’s how:

1) Whenever I notice an issue, I take a screenshot.

2) Then, I use Snapchat’s new Memories feature to open and edit the picture, adding a caption or drawing to describe/highlight the issue.

3) I share the newly edited photo from Snapchat to a team Whatsapp group called “SafeBoda App Feedback” — when we adopt Slack, we’ll share it to a Slack channel.

I know there are other tools out there to accomplish similar objectives, and some are specifically tailored for collecting it from beta testers/customers (e.g., I used Instabug at Vivint.SmartHome). But in a resource constrained startup like SafeBoda, this has been a quick and easy way to setup an internal feedback process.

How do you collect mobile app feedback from your internal team? How about from your customers?