The Gift of Imperfect Action

If you have ever been gripped with being immobilized in attempts to take perfect action, try this…

Perfection is a devise of the ego. A way to shield us from the truth of what we may feel when we are “found out.” If we can just realize for those of us striving for perfect, nothing will satisfy the need to “be perfect.” Mainly because it’s protecting a perception about ourselves that simply is not true.

Here’s one simple shift to get you out of analysis paralysis and into action. This isn’t an overnight fix, although will certainly create a feeling of relief when applied genuinely.

So, here it goes

You may hear some people say things like

Just do it!
Get it out there.
No one really cares as much as you about how it looks.
and on and on…

But, here is the real deal. These are great, and can help you get out of stuck and into action. At the same time, they don’t actually change the root of the problem… It’s not just for you.

What you are creating and putting your thoughts, ideas, and expression out into the world it isn’t for you. It’s true purpose, it’s preverbal mission in life is to affect change for someone else.

This shift is simply one of your current mindset from one of serving self to serving others.

Adopt a mindset of serving others.

Move from thoughts of “Is this going to be good enough” “What if they don’t like it” “What if no one reads it” “What if…”

The next time you catch yourself in this cycle just pause, take a breath and ask… “What if this can help just one person be more fulfilled, would it be worth it?”

When we can step out of our own narrow view and see that what we know, who we are, our life experience… can help at minimum one person see differently, love more, feel better, make a difference, be a better parent… we step into a new frame.

We step out of serving just ourselves to serving others. This is when fear seems to lift. If your mission is truly to be a person of value, a person of giving, a person who truly wants to help, then this practice, this shift will help you do just that.

I think you’ll be surprised with what you discover.

Leave a comment below and let me know where you can imagine using this in you life to get into action.

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