got any info or tips? I just did 10 years in prison got locked up at16 years old till May 21st of this year im finally free no parole no papers no Nada, and I’m 27 now, i got into allot of trouble for fights or tattoos or whatever else we weren’t supposed to be doing, witch then lead to allot of 23 hours lock down in a cell by yourself called the hole or adseg for long stretches of time, my longest being 2.5 years and with in that time i worked lyrical outlook and perseption into my songs, i use a wider out look to story flows, or punch lines, or whatever. Then, got out to it not being as easy as i thought, and even harder for a dude just getting out after so long and don’t know no one but his baby mom, & 1year old son. rest of my fam dead and gone same with my friends, locked up dead or just forgotten memories long before i got out. Now there’s mixing, and mastering, and producing, and posting, and i know not one thing about it due to my situation. lol so I’m hoping you would have a tip or two for me and how i should go about this? i don’t wanna put out bad sound quality Shit cuz people don’t wanna hear that noise no matter how cold tha bars are. i wanna drop a full album that’s done right so i can really put my emotions and feelings into my songs and lyrics cuz that’s when i truly snap. Have it knock. Good sound quality AND raw verses touch down. So what can i do or go or buy to be able to rap my full potential and make some jaw droppers. thank you for taking the time to read this, hope all is good wit you and your family, happy holidays, keep your head tilted a mile high and always keep it 1'hunned. Wit my up most respects 
Jeffrey M. Arcus
Ca$h LunGz