Release of You

I am losing my memory.

Of you. Your scent. The touch of your skin. The sound of your voice.

What was your favorite drink? At this point, I can only guess.

The bad memories are fading. But so are the good ones.

Like our first fight. The bad pizza we ordered. What movie we watched on our first date.

I cannot remember your favorite color.

But I only find comfort in the fact that this abandonment of my memories of you is in fact an abandonment of the memories of us.

The we that once was is no more.

The long, lonely drives to see you.

The short time we knew each other.

It is natural, I assume, to realize this is fate.

I have been busy. I am an engineer

of a new life and purpose.

I have now what you only dreamed of giving me.

And that is good.

It was meant to be, I see now.

Your escape from me only navigated me to where

I needed to be. And it is a wonderful place.

Smiling faces, without agenda, without mistrust.

Thanks you, whoever you were.