How Jerold Built A $30,000 Per Month Business Using Ad Ninja Pro and Facebook Ads

Jeff Baxter
Jul 27, 2018 · 3 min read
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Before finding, Jerold had a solid business that was making close to $10,000 per month. Like many who have found success online, Jerold had started an online course teaching people his skills. Unfortunately, his advertising wasn’t optimized and there was latent potential just waiting to be tapped. When Jerold contacted, he was hoping to get his course’s site in front of more people. He already had a PPC campaign, it just wasn’t living up to everything it could be.

He Had A Great Offer

Like hundreds of other online businesses — maybe even yours — Jerold had a solid product to offer. He was providing a course that people wanted and even needed. His problem wasn’t with his product. It was with his advertising.

The internet is filled with millions of pages of content. So it’s easy for quality products, services, and courses to get lost in all of the noise. Jerold was missing dozens of potential customers every month for one reason and one reason only: they didn’t see his site. He had something great to offer the world… but if the world couldn’t see it, then what good would that do him or the people who needed his course?

He Was Open To Our Ideas

When Jerold contacted and applied for a spot our limited customer base, he had hopes that we might be able to help take his business to the next level. His PPC campaign had already seen some level of success but it just wasn’t performing as well as it could. We began working with Jerold on his campaign — noting some pitfalls that he’d fallen into and pointing him in the direction of more solid footing. We looked at the demographics of his customers and tailored a plan that would suit his business perfectly.

And Jerold had to make some changes. But he was open to those changes because he realized that his business had potential that it wasn’t reaching. Together, we developed new ads, tested them, and worked to make his campaign the best it could possibly be. And because of these changes, he was able to go from making $10,000 per month to making $30,000! All because he was willing to take our advice and put it into practice.

He Didn’t Mind Spending Money To Make Money

Yes, Jerold had to spend some money in order to get his ads optimized. After all, we’re trying to run a business too. But compared to the increase he saw in sales, the amount that he spent was nothing more than a drop in the bucket. As they say, sometimes you have to spend money in order to make money.

Have you considered having an ad agency run your online advertising campaigns? Are you afraid of the cost? There’s no need to fear. Contact us by visiting our website at and we will work with you just like we worked with Jerold.

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