How We Scaled A Business To $180,812.81 In 3 Months

Jeff Baxter
Aug 31, 2018 · 3 min read
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This business that I’m managing is averaging around $60,000 per month with a HUGE profit margin, over $150k in profit to be exact within the last 3 months. My goal is to hit these numbers on a monthly basis now that I have enough data.

Also, the low amount of opt-ins is because I mainly use separate platforms for landing pages,webinars etc.

Here are some tips to scaling a business to this level.

1.) Be Very Analytical.

You don’t have to be a genius to know basic formulas like calculating roi or seeing what’s making/losing you money.

Watch everything that you do and trim the fat from your campaigns quickly. Don’t be one of those entrepreneurs that’s ok with making a million but your ad-spend is $999,999 and don’t have enough leftover to buy a cheeseburger.

Simple things like checking to see if your ads are converting higher with mobile or desktop,certain age groups etc can go a long way.

2.) Use Webinars

I can’t stress enough how important webinars are for a business. You can literally take someone who has never heard of you before and turn them into a paying customer within an hour if done right.

Some say to teach, some say don’t teach. I say do whatever works best for you. For this client here I just have them “destroying limiting beliefs” in their webinar and teaching just a tad bit without giving too much away.

3.) Use Videos

It’s 2018, people want to see your face and I’ve noticed that video ads convert a lot higher in comparison to image ads.

I’ve noticed that when using videos our accounts are less likely to get shut down as well, weird.

Always test for yourself though!

4.) Be Patient

On Facebook or Google it takes approximately 3 days for a campaign to begin to optimize. If you make any changes to your ads, you pretty much restart the optimization process. Some of you judge the performance of your ads way too soon and end up shooting yourself in the foot by continuing to make changes.

5.) Use Paid Traffic To Build A Community.

I set aside a certain portion of this client’s budget helping them build up their community as well. This way they still don’t have to be a content factory putting out videos/blog posts every day, but still have the same if not GREATER results than those that do.

When people see others bragging on you/your content, sharing, liking posts etc it helps with organic sales.

Bonus Tip: Be Versatile!

Most of our advertising budget is spent with Google Adwords/Youtube. It’s a tad bit more complex than Facebook Ads, but I can tell you this, it’s not so crowded there and our returns are crazy.

So many entrepreneurs just focus on Facebook, but you have to remember that this is just a social media platform. Put some ads in the face of people who are actively seeking information in your niche and see the difference.

Bonus Tip #2: Pray!

I know you weren’t expecting this one but I pray over everything I do and have a force behind the force.


Go get em

Feel free to visit my websites below if you need help scaling your business or learning how to setup profitable sales funnels.

Advertising Agency |

Become A High Ticket Consultant| www.TheConsultingMasterClass.Com

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