How We Scaled A Coaching Business To $80,000 Per Month

Jeff Baxter
4 min readAug 14, 2018
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The anatomy of an $80,000 month per month business..

Hey guys, I’ve been slacking when it comes to posting client results but playing catch-up!

For this client, back in June we crossed over $80k. The next month we only did about $50k since a lot of campaigns were paused due to reconstruction, but back on track to doing 6 figures for the month now that everything is back up and running.

Here’s a few key takeaways to hitting these kind of numbers.

Rule #1: Keep It Simple!

One of my mentors coined a phrase K.I.S.S which stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid”.

I see lots of marketers that pump out tons of products month in and month out and it’s unnecessary. You still have millions of people that haven’t seen the first offer!

It’s just what a lot of us have been taught and it’s understandable why some still think it’s necessary to do more in order to make a decent amount of money.

Honestly, you only need one or two offers, a high ticket front-end at $997-$1,997 and preferably an upsell to a higher-end inner circle if you have one to increase overall acv (average customer value). Everything else you’re selling, just put that into your main course as bonuses to increase value.

I was able to convince this client to raise their price from 497 to 997 towards the end of that month and there has been no decrease in conversions whatsoever. We’ll hit 6 figures/mnth effortlessly with just this one change.

Selling at the high ticket level allows you to make more faster and gives you more serious buyers.

Although, if you’re just keen on small ticket sales, you can pull one module from your main course and use this as a small ticket front-end ($27-$37 ish), drive traffic straight to it with no opt-in, focus on breaking even with just that product and retarget buyers to your high ticket offer. This is about as complex as I’ll go.

Rule #2: Be Versatile!

Everybody and their mother are sold on Facebook Ads. When this client came to me, the other agency did absolutely NOTHING with Google Adwords and although they were getting cheap leads on Facebook, hardly any real money was being made.

I simply switched most of the advertising budget to Adwords, shortened the funnel to turn leads into sales faster and within 30 days he went from doing about $10k to well over $30k/mnth and now on track to hit 6 figures/mnth.

Knowing how to run traffic on just ONE platform is like a barber who only knows how to cut one texture of hair. When they are in a situation where no guards can be used and the hair has to be cut with clipper-over-comb, it might not turn out so well. (speaking from years of being a barber formerly ha)

Make it a priority to learn both Facebook and Google Adwords. Yes, adwords is more complicated but once you figure it out, you’ll never go broke another day in your life and you become more versatile for different situations.

Rule #3: Make It Lean!

Here’s a simple rule of thumb.

Nobody should be pitched your high ticket offer unless they are either already a customer, have had multiple touch-points with you OR actively seeking information in your niche.

Yes you can easily just drive cold traffic straight to a webinar and sell your high ticket product that way, but the ROI is going to be ugly. I know everyone wants to get rich now and don’t want to spend a lot of time creating content though so here’s a solution for that as well.

Setup your paid advertising campaigns using my 80/20 rule. This is where at least 20% of your budget goes towards distributing quality content/building up an audience and the rest goes towards retargeting that audience.

This way you still don’t have to put out as much content and at the same time you’re still having the same, if not BETTER results than those guys who have been putting out content for years that don’t need to spend money on paid traffic.

Don’t settle for what I call ‘ugly roi’s’… $70k spent…$100k in.

Make your campaigns nice and lean.

Fun Fact: We only spent about $10k to bring in $80k.

Go Get Em!

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