Important Entrepreneurs Are Broke

I noticed something strange when I used to do a lot of coaching calls myself before hiring a team.

You want to know what it was?

Most people were chasing “significance and importance” more than they were results!

It was painful listening to people that had more degrees than a thermometer, authors of books, had fancy websites but still weren’t making $10,000 per month in their business.

The struggle wasn’t what made me frustrated listening to them, but their desire to continue feeding their “importance” rather than making sales.

As I heard a lot of people talk about their accomplishments, in the back of my mind, I always thought.

Nobody cares how important you think you are..

Nobody cares how fancy your website is..

Nobody cares how smart you are..

They care about one thing and one thing only..RESULTS.

People don’t work with you because of how great you are, they work with you because they believe you have the solution to their problem.

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I’ll be showing you our simple 3 step funnel that we’ve been using to bring in high ticket consulting clients even with COLD LEADS, No “importance” necessary haha

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Originally published at on January 1, 2018.