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My Kunekune piglet, Charles Junior. Because Medium appears to require a photo preview.

UPDATE 2/17: Added backup tweets from former Angular Team members Caitlyn Potter and Rob Eisenberg.

Update 2/18: Added backup tweet from former Angular Team member Marcy Sutton.

On Friday, I tweeted something that I should have spoken up about years ago.

I waited this long to speak up because I, like many others, have held out hope that things would get better on the Angular team, and that the problematic people could be reformed. I was naive, and time’s run out. There are many in the community, inside and outside the Angular team, who have had similar experiences and conclusions as me, but have not felt safe to come forward.

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Thomas Burleson at AngularConnect 2017 ()

Today I’m excited to announce…yet another addition to our growing team. But I’m especially excited about this hire because, not only is he a great guy, and loved by everyone in the Angular community, but he’s also going to be taking a big chunk of responsibility off my plate! That’s right, Thomas Burleson will be joining as Solutions Architect.

In this role, Thomas will be working with existing and prospective clients to come up with the best way for Nrwl to work with clients and large, multi-team development efforts. Thomas will make sure we’re over-delivering value through the course of those relationships. …

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Angular Enterprise Playbook (angularplaybook.com)

Today, we’re launching a new resource called Angular Enterprise Playbook at . Angular Enterprise Playbook will be our main portal for online learning, to help teams and individuals learn new skills at their own pace. This is part of our ongoing commitment to help enterprise teams learn and adopt established best practices to build Angular apps at scale. It should be no surprise that the Angular Enterprise Playbook is based heavily on , our open source suite of enterprise-focused Angular tools.

Nx Workspaces

The first course on Angular Enterprise Playbook is “Nx Workspaces.” This is a free course to help developers get up and running with Nx, and to understand how to organize their Angular code in a way that will maximize re-use, encapsulation, and collaboration. …


Jeff Cross

Co-founder , Angular team

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