Unicef UK Battles ‘War on Disease’ with Strength and Power

Jeff Ber
Jeff Ber
Oct 28, 2019 · 2 min read

In an effort to flip the script, Unicef UK unveiled a new brand direction for its most recent global campaign. Rather than feeding into the weakness rhetoric commonly associated with illness, Unicef UK has gone in the direction of strength and power. Philanthropist, Jeff Ber weighs in on the British charity’s inspiring move.

Directed by Unicef UK, the ‘War on Disease’ is in full effect on a global scale. The goal of the initiative is to eradicate disease worldwide by providing children with free vaccinations. The provided vaccines are being referred to as ‘weapons of mass protection,’ to keep in line with Unicef UK’s overall message.

By portraying children in need of vaccines as strong, powerful and capable, Unicef UK is flipping the script in a major way. According to the organization, children in need of disease-eradicating vaccines are often thought of as weak, in the eyes of the public. By highlighting the strength and power of children in need of vaccines, Unicef UK hopes to better relay their message to the British public.

As Vice President of Operations at Oneball, Jeff Ber is all too familiar with the productivity of flipping the script. The testicular cancer awareness organization has been championed for its unique approach. Rather than wallowing in the harsh concerns of cancer journeys, Oneball favors a sense of humor-fueled camaraderie. This approach, although unconventional, has strengthened their fight in destroying the stigma surrounding men’s health.

Jeff Ber commends the unique take that Unicef UK has presented. Fueling positivity into an often harsh reality can truly make all the difference in terms of motivation and productivity. Ber looks forward to how this recently announced take will benefit and strengthen Unicef UK’s campaign to protect and empower children across the globe.

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