While the rich traverse the globe in an instant, the rest of us will be staying put

In September 2017, from an auditorium stage in Adelaide, Australia, Elon Musk offered a dramatic vision of humanity’s kinetic destiny. The occasion was the annual International Astronautical Congress. Musk was there to give a presentation on the BFR, the massive rocket vehicle his aerospace startup, SpaceX, is developing to power…


Tech elites are embracing stoic mantras while they chase immortality. Can Silicon Valley have it both ways?

Peter Thiel, the billionaire technology investor and sometime Donald Trump adviser, has a cute line about death. “Basically, I’m against it,” he likes to say when the topic comes up. It comes up quite a bit, actually, because Thiel has spent millions of dollars of his personal fortune, and even…

Is your smartphone making you stupid? There’s an app for that

Every three months, Mark Zuckerberg gets on a conference call with his investors to brag about how much of the world’s mental bandwidth his company is monopolizing. It’s an alarming amount. The average Facebook user spends 40 minutes a day liking, commenting, sharing and friending, mostly on mobile phones. Multiplied…

Chasing viral sensations like The Dress is one way to build an audience. Ignoring them is another.

If you work in the media business in 2015, you have an opinion about Buzzfeed. Is it evil? Is it genius? Do the people who work there really spend their days mooning over corgis and “Saved by the Bell,” or are they secret cynical panderers? Should we be happy that…

Jeff Bercovici

Writer/editor. Business and tech for Inc. magazine. Author of "Play On: The New Science of Elite Performance at Any Age." It's bur-KOH-vuh-see.

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