First XTERRA Triathlon for 2016 BOOKED!

One of the things that keeps me motivated through the year is to simply book races and events. This creates very specific milestones through the year that require me to stick to my schedule and essentially not just cop out on my training schedule.

I just registered for my first XTERRA Triathlon of the year and it is a perfect one to kick of 2016. It is the XTERRA REAL in Sacramento, so it is only about an hour away. So, no hotel required. The distance is pretty mellow, compared to regular Olympic distance Triathlons:

Swim: 1/2 mile, Mountain Bike: 16 Miles, Run: 4 miles

What’s more is that it doesn’t begin until 9am, so that gives me loads of time to get there in the morning.

Here we go!

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