It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

It seems like Mr. Metta took offense at the vegan comparison between lynching and the meat industry. I’d say that this points to the source of the problem: our need to feel special. Both slavery, and lynchings, and the meat industry are the result of people developing belief systems that exalt themselves above accountability for the harm that they cause others that they don’t value.

We don’t need meat to sustain life or health, we like its taste and believe that nonhuman animals were created for our use, and while we don’t practice slavery any more, whites feel that they are better than non-whites. From Mr. Metta’s mention of that vegan twitter, he feels that he is better than nonhuman animals and wants to be recognized as “human”, not equated to mere animal. So, Mr. Metta feels that it is more important to be considered human than it is to recognize that meat is murder.

Racism is a problem and it is culture. It is due to human nature that needs to be special. We’ve developed religions and cultures to support that need. However, as we consider ourselves moral we are obligated to not harm others, any other sentient being, for any reason. That includes both human and nonhuman. Morality is about our effect on others, period. We need to accept that fact, treat all other sentient living beings with compassion and reject all doctrine, philosophies, religions, etc. that promote the concept of special at the expense of the victim.

Morality must be wholly about the victim, otherwise it is all about how the perpetrator values and perceives the victim.

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