So this is the reason why no text in the world will show you the ‘right path through life’

So I’m in my mid 20's I was and currently thinking what would be the right way to live my life. So, truthfully why is it so damn hard to know ? The reason is simple: you’re facing this dilemma probably since you’re just a kid, and you’ve really never had the time to think it through.

The ironic and funny FACT is that as time passes by and you get more educated, one is probably farther from the essence of what you’re made to be. And what is this essence? It’s intrinsic in yourself. There are several reason for this:

  1. Whether you like it or not, or you’ve been told otherwise, you’re one of a kind.
  2. The only person who knows what makes you happy, it’s yourself, no matter how well someone else knows you.

So who exactly kills your dreams ? Society ? Education Institutes? Well, maybe a little in way, but they’re not the main reason. None. Yourself does. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying education is bad and you’ll happily live if you’re a neanderthal, but we do are trained to adapt to an environment created by society. Don’t trust survey’s either, samples are really small and questions are very shallow.

True, I understand the skepticism of my arguments do to my short age, but daily I see people that are tired from the struggle of life. So, let’s be honest, why are you tired when you get 50, 60 years old ? MAYBE BECAUSE YOU CHOSE A PATH THAT CULTURAL ACCEPTANCE WAS THE RIGHT ONE, BUT NOT FOR YOU. And don’t feel wrong about it, this happens on a rough guess to around 95% of people around the world.

Let’s face it: How can we differentiate from one another, when we’re trained exactly the same way ?

Common known right way through life: School, University and working life. And we all believe, because educational institutions and our surroundings ASSURE this as a fact, that if we don’t follow this steps you’ll fail in life and won’t make it. Well, this is not true.

The only truth, is that getting off your comfort zone is much harder than doing what you’re told to do. Right now, I’m following my dream and I’m doing pretty damn good. You may shape yourself and your life the way the you want it to be.

Finally, the age issue. I know the phrase is really cracked up, but it’s never to late change life. There is no need to be tired at 50 or at 60, if you do what you want. And don’t worry, people who do what they want also make money!

The biggest obstacle to happiness if that you’re trained to think there’s only one way to achieve it.


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