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Conversations. We all have them.

We enjoy the banter and insights. We laugh, we joke and discuss what matters.

We are social creatures.

But there is another side to our conversations that is not often discussed.

Not talked about.

The other conversations

And I am not talking about the ones with other people. They are the quiet private chats we have with ourselves.

The stories that no one else hears.

Sometimes positive but often negative. And many times we don’t even know we are having them.

It is the “Monkey Mind” chatter and it is often relentless.

These are pointless and harmful conversations…

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The big questions.

What do I do with my life?

Who do I want to be when I grow up?

These answers are easy when you’re young.

And for me that wasn’t complicated at the age of 7.

I wanted to be my favourite superhero.


But when you are a little older it it gets more complicated.

The wonderful distracted dreaming is replaced by reality.

And many of us struggle.

The reality

I was 27. Despising my job.

My chosen career that I had devoted a decade of my life training and working on was boring.

And I hated it.


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Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel empty?

It’s a gnawing feeling.


A whisper.

You have been busy and you have done all the things that society and family demands.

Kept your end of the bargain.

Been responsible.

Looked after the essentials.

Done the paperwork.

Gone to work.

It should be enough.

But deep down the happiness and joy is hiding.

But the reality?

You haven’t taken a step towards what fulfills you deep down.

And on reflection it means that if you keep driving into a life full of meaningless busyness you will have been dragged…

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Succeeding in life isn’t an accident.

It is often the outcome and results of developing life skills that are discovered, nurtured and acted on over decades.

But often our parents, family and school teachers never told us.

The curriculum often didn’t include anything much beyond the 3 “R’s”. And learning by rote and committing facts to memory was the education that was often demanded.

In today’s world Google has provided us with a global memory bank and resource that means that memorizing is a life skill not much in demand.

So what are 6 core life skills that you need…

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There is a an insidious lie that western culture has propagated.

It has been around for centuries and it has removed the joy of life for many. It has been woven into our mindset and told to us by many parents and friends.

It’s time to rethink this myth and tell a better story.

That myth?

Work and life are separate and work is a necessary evil.

That showing up to the office, work or the factory is a necessary drudgery and then you go home to do what you enjoy, discover some entertaining distraction and maybe even find some…

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How was last year?

Full of success?

Or test your resilience?

Was it a time of flourishing and thriving?

Or were there obstacles and pain?

Were there mountains that you didn’t want to climb.

Or choose…

Was it full of challenges that you didn’t expect?

Were there events beyond your control that changed your life forever?

Life has a habit of showing up with surprises.

Good, bad and sometimes very ugly.

I had one of those years.


Lost my partner and best friend.

Taken from me.

Stolen by the fragility of life.

My resilience was tested.

Your past isn’t your future

But despite the…

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I sat down to take the first lecture. And within minutes I knew that something was wrong.

I felt it.

Despite the feeling I pressed on.

Kept showing up to those classes.

I had been brought up to commit and persist.

It’s a quality that can work for you or against you. Our parents often teach us these skills.

But despite the inner voice getting louder I continued to the end of that first year of college.

The course I had selected?

An accounting degree.

Ever felt like a square peg in a round hole?

That was me.

I was…

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As humans we are meant to be creators and makers.

It is in our DNA.

One of the biggest challenges though is just starting.


Because things get in the way as the day progresses.

These include distractions, overcoming negative emotions and other people’s demands on your time are just a few.

Some people start their morning in chaos.

Wake up late and plunge into the day.

Dash out the door.

No set routines or rituals.

That approach to life is a recipe for failure.

Successful people have morning success routines that set them up to thrive and flourish.

Why are these morning success routines important?


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What are your goals?

Become an entrepreneur. Climb the corporate ladder. Make more money.

It maybe to travel the world as a digital nomad.

But the reason we write these goals down and strive to achieve them comes down to this big question.

How can I be happier?

The disease of more

In our crazy busy digital world and modern society we are often told that more is better.

The media bombards us with messages telling us that if we have or buy “this” we will be happy.

We are told that life will be a nirvana if we are, slimmer, fitter and more…

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What is success?

That small question has led to thousands of books being written, countless conversations and much soul searching. Is it measured by a big house, a successful career and a large pay-packet? The Oxford dictionary defines it as “The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status

But can we really fit success into that small box? Is the meaning of success much bigger than that? Is that definition losing relevance as more of us move beyond just survival and more stuff to creating a life that needs more meaning and purpose.

The reality is that success can be…

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