North Carolina Leaders

Matt Fitzwater & Jordan Dubois

Jeff Bundy
Jan 6, 2014 · 1 min read is where you’ll find these two young leaders when they’re not being swarmed by members and staff at their respective YMCAs — serving their communities of Charlotte and Winston-Salem. You can find their biographies here.

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Matt Fitzwater — Passionate YMCA Professional

Their passion? Professional Staff Development. Their voice? You can find and subscribe to their podcast channel over on Apple’s iTunes.

“Hey!”, you say, “ I’ve got something to say about [fill in the blank]. How can I do something like Matt & Jordan? How can I get my voice heard?” Ask them. I think they’ll tell you it’s easy. They may even give you some tips to get started. (I’ve found that the true spirit of sharing is pervasive throughout the movement.)

I hope to meet these two fellow professionals soon — perhaps on a hangout over on Yamplify.TV initially since we’re in different parts of the world. And then eventually in person at one of the many regional/national events scheduled for 2015. Until then…give a listen*. Their passion is contagious.

*note: Find out when Matt (above) had hair! (The Pilot episode)

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