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We’re living in a fantastic season of opportunity. Millions of dedicated creators are storming the gates of success, and with the New Year upon us, big goals and ambitious resolutions abound.

Ironically, ambition has a way of becoming unwieldy, and it can undermine our best intentions if we’re not careful.

Is your ambition balanced? Are you confident that you’ll be moving in the right direction, the best course?

Keeping your ambition in-check might be the most critical ingredient to success. But that also depends on your definition of success.

If to you, success means wealth, recognition, and power, then unbridled ambition will probably be your fastest route. Just be sure that you understand what you’re seeking because if you imagine that this definition of success equals happiness, history is replete with proof to the contrary. …

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Just eight years old when he caught this bomb, “Baby” Steve Roberson is committed. What he’s learning out there goes far beyond catching perfect waves. He’s learning how to commit to productive things, and he has good parents to thank.

Now more than ever, even attentive parents with good intentions face a serious threat. Interactive media is quickly consuming the attention of the rising generation.

Digital platforms can be educational and useful. …

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American companies spend enormous amounts of money on employee training and education. We’re talking about $160 billion in the United States and over $400 billion globally to improve and transform behavior for better outcomes.

Yet, Gallup’s study, The State of the Global Workplace, reveals 85% of employees are not engaged or fulfilled at work. Also, according to Gallup’s meta-analysis, business units which scored the highest on employee engagement, showed 21 percent higher levels of profitability than those in the lowest quartile. Companies with highly engaged workforce also scored 17 percent higher on productivity.

This means that most employees are functioning well below their capacity and potential. Ironically, 87% of executives say employee training and development is their top priority. That’s missing the mark to put it gently. …


Jeff Chavez

Founding Partner of Authentic. a Corporate Education Firm www.authenticdev.com + Husband, Dad, Reader, Surfer. Learn more at www.jeffchavez.net

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