Little People, Big Depression
Rebecca Cokley

Suicide prevention can go a long way if enough people support it. I can’t say I know your plight, as I’m not a little person. However, I’m a Marine veteran, so I’m no stranger to members of a group committing suicide. This may sound dumb, but have you created a Facebook group to provide support? I’m part of a Facebook group that provides support and friendship for veterans and active service members. Most of the times it’s just people bs’ing each other. Occasionally though, someone will post a comment about a friend who has made an indicative comment, and the page lights up with people trying to find anybody and everybody to get in touch with them. This group has saved lives. I think it would be something worth doing for you guys. You could even get the word about it out at your conventions and other forms of social media. Nobody should suffer alone, and nobody should have to wait for a once a year convention to feel like they’re not alone.

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