Jefferson County Missouri Business Association Supports Local High Schools


Jefferson County is home to over 218,000 citizens in Missouri, making it the sixth most populous county of the state. Strategically located in the eastern portion of Missouri, Jefferson county is also home to The Jefferson County Missouri Business Association, a society formed by local business owners in Jefferson which aims to promote business learning through providing support and sponsoring several Junior High and High Schools in the county.

The Jefferson County Missouri Business Association and its members are dedicated to providing local support to the following schools in Jefferson County:

  • Northwest High School
  • Fox Senior High School
  • Windsor High School
  • Hillsboro High School
  • Crystal City High School

As an organization, The Jefferson County Missouri Business Association does the following to benefit and support the above mentioned schools across the county:

  • Essentially, The Jefferson County Missouri is very committed and generous in providing support to these local high schools. Several times a year, the association conducts fundraising events, like fun runs, food festivals, and music festivals, that will benefit the chosen high school. A significant amount of the funds raised will be used in sponsoring students from these high schools who show deep interest in the local business industry.
  • The Jefferson County Missouri Business Association conducts regular talks and seminars in all of these junior high and high schools in support to students who showcase big potentials in the future of local business. These talks and seminars aim to help the students develop not just their skills, but as well as their interests and passion in the art of business.
  • Additionally, The Jefferson County Missouri Business Association is also committed to providing networking opportunities for students, encouraging them to follow the footsteps of local entrepreneurs who claimed success in the industry. Through these networking opportunities, students are given the chance to get to know people in the business industry, allowing them to expand their circle and learn to socialize even at young ages.
  • The members of The Jefferson County Missouri Business Association also open further interactive opportunities to students from these high schools through on-the-job trainings in their local businesses, which can enhance these students’ skills, knowledge, and competency when it comes to the business industry. Moreover, through these trainings, the students get opportunities to develop and enhance their professional skills, even at a young age.

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Jefferson County MO Business Association

Jefferson County Missouri Business Association is a local organization in Jefferson County/Desoto/Hillsboro Missouri.